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Yep, after being gone from this place for almost a year, I’m back. It was a nice break, but it’s good to be back and no.... I don’t care if any of you out there don't like it that I’ve come back  [you all know who you are. I could name you all, but I won't]. Those that don’t like it that I've come back, you can go ***k yourselves with a cactus because I don’t care!
This IS NOT a bakery!
I don’t sugar coat ANYTHING!
If you ask for my opinion...
Then that is what you’ll get.
Don’t be mad when it is not
what you want to hear.

I also have no shame in what I say, if you are an ass and or an ass to ANY of my friends, I will snap it right back at you. Don't dish it out if you can't take it!

Any stupid/dumbass comments I receive WILL be flagged as spam and any stupid/dumbass notes that I receive WILL be ignored and deleted. You all have a nice day now